1st Semantic Web 3.0 Standard for Internet of Things (IoT)  


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In the NEWS:

EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance for protection of Privacy

Check out the Pharma Blockchain at

IEEE Initiative Incubator Workshop on Blockchain at George Mason University (GMU) on October 26 & 27, 2017

Innovation Workshop Series IIoT Transactive Energy for Smart Cities in Hong Kong on October 27, 2017

Learn about the:

IEEE P21451-002 Low Power Smart Transducers Working Group Kick-off August 1, 2017

IEEE SEGE 2017 University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, ON, Canada on August 14-17, 2017

IoT Sensor Challenges: a joint NIST/IEEE IoT Workshop in Gaithersburg, MD on August 30th, 2017

IEEE1451-99 Devices and Systems Harmonization Working Group (IM/S/DASH) Meeting on April 19, 2017 to IEEE Instrument &Measurement Society (I&MS), Industrial Electronics Society (IES), & Sensors Council (SC)

IIoT Innovation Workshop in Quezon City, Philippines on July 19, 2017

IEEE Pharma Supply Blockchain Forum - June 6, 2017, John Hopkins University, Rockville, MD

IEEE IoTDay 2017, April 10, 2017

IEEE/IFAI Expo, Sept. 26-29, 2017, New Orleans, LA

IEEE IoT Activities at

IEEE Transactio n for Power Systems Special Issue request for participation.

SAS2017 Symposium on March 13-15, 2017

IEEE P1451-99 Project

IEEE P21451-1-4 Project

White Papers:

Bridging MQTT & XMPP networks

Extending the Semantic Web to Peer-to-Peer Sensor Networks Based on XMPP

Provisioning URI Scheme IANA Registration Application

Securing the Life Cycle of Things in the Internet of Things using Thing Registries

Security in IoT using Delegation of Trust to a Provisioning Server


IoTDay 2016 on April 9th at is now open for those wishing to participate!  Please send your request to be a presenter to

NREL Smart Grid Educational Series Webinar.  Dr. Erfan Ibrahim, Director of Cyber Physical Systems Security and Resiliency Center at NREL on April 13, 2016 at 3:30 PM EDTFeatured speaker, William J. Miller, P21451-1-4, Chairman, who will discuss IoT/PowerMatcher Transactive Energy for Smart Cities

P21451-1 & P21451-1-4 F2F Meeting is planned for March 30, 2016 at NIST in Gaithersburg, MD

IoTDay 2016 on April 8th (Observed) at is now open for registration!  Please send your request to be a presenter to

IEEE 802.11ah now available for sensor networks in sub-gigahertz frequencies extending range in the 900 Mhz spectrum.

NIST TE Challenge Community Web Site

Virtual Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (vTEDS) web site to be launched to define interoperability for devices.

P21451-1-4 offers the most comprehensive standard for the Internet of Things including Resource Discovery, Provisioning, vTEDS (virtual Transducer Electronic Datasheet, Tokenization, Health Status, and enhanced security to protect the confidentiality & privacy of device owner's.

IEEE SA Central Desktop has been replaced with

In the News:

Lindborg Systems AB promotes IoT XMPP

P21451-1 to offer a SDK so that product manufactures can build to the 21451 Smart Transducer Standard.

IEEE End-to-End Trust and Security for the Internet of Things Workshop, George Washington University, February 3, 2016

P21451-1-4 participates in NIST Community Resiliency Panel to increase awareness of sensors in homes and buildings

IEC 61850-8-2 using XMPP has been developed by  IEC TC57

IEC 61850 Protocol mapping based on XMPP

W3C TF-DI briefed on December 17, 2015 on Websocket and IoT XEP Discovery/Provisioning

P21451-1-4 discussed at USDOT Smart City Challenge on December 15, 2015.  Meeting held at US Dept of Transportation in Washington, DC.

P21451-1-4 to offer Streaming Instant Sensor Messaging (SISM) using XMPP Subprotocol for Websockets

New IoT Provisioning site by IPDX.NET based on P21451-1-4 providing global registration for Internet of Things (IoT): 

P21451-1-4 provisioning offers ability to allow IoT devices to be either Public or Private and determined by the owner of devices.   The devices can then be shared privately with only those that you trust.  This is a key element to address the confidentiality concern of IoT.

NIST Global Cities Team Challenge II on November 13-14, 2015 in Gaithersburg, MD.  

P21451-1-4 now offers the ability where various applications can utilize secure instant sensor message to provide notifications and alerts including environment, transportation, home and building automation, and in critical infrastructure applications such as water, waste, and the Smart Grid.

 Web based Management of IoT

P21451-1-4 to offer vTEDS that can be used by sensor developers to define the characteristics of their devices including mapping to other protocols.

Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla to drop RC4 algorithm  in Chrome, I.E., Edge, and Foxfire in 2016.   (September 1, 2015)

INDIN 2015 International Conference on Industrial Informatics - Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK - Kang Lee, Keynote Speaker (July 23, 2015)

P21451-1-4 presentation at W3C meeting - William J. Miller, Speaker (July 22, 2015)

P21451-1-4 submits for a Provisional URI Scheme "iotdisco" Registration Application from Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)

NIST Cloud Computing Forum and Workshop (July 7-11, 2015)

Internet Everywhere: The Future of History's Most Disruptive Technology

TV white space will connect the Internet of Things

NIST Cybersecurity for Smart Cities Infrastructure (May 27-28, 2015)

OAGi/NIST on Open Cloud Architectures for Smart Manufacturing  (May 5, 2015)

SPIE DSS Defense, Security, and Sensing    (April 21-23, 2015)

FCC Model City Workshop in Washington, DC April 15-16, 2015  

Ontology Summit face-to-face meeting in Arlington, VA April 13-14, 2015

NIST Cyber Physical Systems Public Working Group face-to-face meeting in Gaithersburg, MD on (April 7-8, 2015).

Rowan University has implemented P21451-1 with P21451-1-4 XMPP Interface with congratulations to Dr. John Schmazlel,      Tom Morris and members of his team..

P21451-1 DRAFT STATUS  (Finalizing)

SPECIAL EDITORIAL - Special Issue on Advanced Smart Transducer Standards

Learn about the Global Critical Environments Challenge! This is an important initiative that will provide global situational awareness.

Learn about funding opportunities for your IoT projects from government agencies, and other groups interested in instant sensor messaging

#IotEvery9th Count Down (Sweden) - Joachim Lindborg

Global IoT Day 2015!  (April 9, 2015)

Ontology Summit 2015 - "Internet of Things Toward Smart Networked Systems and Services" - William Miller (January 21, 2015)

FOSDEM - Web of Things by Dr. Johannes Hund (January 31 - February 1, 2015)

FOSDEM - XMPP-IoT an open solution for things by Joachim Lindborg (January 31 - February 1, 2015)

XMPP in the world of IoT by Joachim Lindborg  (August 18, 2014)

NIST Global City Team Challenge Kick-off Meeting, (September 29-30, 2014)

IEEE IoT Workshop, Mountain View, CA         (Sept. 18-19, 2014)

SEGE'2014 International Smart Energy Grid Engineering - UOIT, Oshawa, Ontario Canada (August 11-13, 2014)

NIST Cyber Physical Systems Working Group, Gaithersburg, MD (August 11-12, 2014)

Seminar:  "Critical Thinking for Internet of Things (August 2014)

IEEE P21451-1 provides common universal formats used to communicate any protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Special thanks to Craig K. Harmon of QED Systems, who recently passed away, who co-hosted our work on P21451-1-4.  I trust all members share our sorrow.  He will be missed and his dedication to development of ISO standards in the cargo logistics industry.

NIST Cyber Physical Systems Working Group (August 11-12, 2014)

IEEE SA P2413 IoT Reference Architecture Meeting Munich, Germany

SmartAmerica Challenge XMPP Test Bed Success   (June 14, 2014)

Science and Technology: Harnessing the Power of IoT (June 10, 2014)

SmartAmerica Challenge Exhibition, Washington, DC (June 11,2014)

Programmable Web - San Francisco, CA, Internet of Things, May 27-29, 2014

IoT Developers Day - Jaarbeurs Utrecht,   The Netherlands by Joachim Lindborg,     May 28, 2014

GeoWeb Summit - San Francisco, CA, Internet of Things May 21, 2014  

XMPP - Unified Communications for the Internet of Things, by Rikard Strid, Clayster, IoT Expo, NYC (June 12, 2014)

Transforming TEDS to offer assured interoperability, by Peter Waher

IoT Day 2014 - Washington, DC hosted by William Miller

IoT Day 2014 - Stockholm, Sweden                 (April 9th, 2014)

Global Internet of Things Day 2014                (April 9th, 2014)

FOSDEM 2014 by Joachim Lindborg              (February 1-2, 2014)

NIST Intersection of Cloud and Mobility         (March 25-27, 2014)

IEC Meeting features "XMPP for WSN"      (February 25-26, 2014)


IEEE P21451-1-4 is now referred to as "Sensei/IoT*" and the 1st International Semantic Web 3.0 standard for Internet of Things (IoT). 

Welcome to Sensei-IoT*

We invite you to learn about our working group. is located in the  United States with 140 members world-wide.

Formed in 2013, "Sensei/IoT*" is the official logo of the IEEE P21451-1-4 Working Group a joint effort to develop a Unified Communications Architecture utilizing eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) a draft and first International Standard for Semantic Web 3.0 and M2M/Internet of Things (IoT)..


















Meeting Schedule:

P21451-1-4 (USA/EU/ASIA)

(11/17)  10:00 AM (EDT)

P1451-99 DASH Worldwide

(TBD)  11:00 AM (EDT_

P1451-99 INDIA

(TBD)  08:00 IST

P1451-1-5  CHINA

(TBD)  10:00 PM (EDT)


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